Big Old To-Do List

Things that I really want to do this year, or next year. Sort of a bucket list but not really. Just to get me all motivated and goal-orientated. Introductory post here. Links open in a separate window so you don't have to Ctrl-click.

Tomatoes are a'growing, crocheting is underway, and books are being read!
  1. Find a well paying job over the summer -just call me "two jobs Limpet" (post)
  2. Save all pub tips until the new year
  3. Open a Help-to-Buy ISA with the max deposit -Completed July 2016
  4. Hit £2000 in there (Nov)
  5. Hit £3000 (Mar)
  6. Put some money into a two year bond and let it multiply -Completed March 2016
  7. Don't buy anything (excluding food/bills) for one month
  8. Buy a new phone -Completed July 2016
  9. Go back to University (and prepare for it!) -October 2016 (post)
  10. Finish dissertation one month before the deadline
  11. Average at least a 2:1 for the year
  12. Take German language courses
  13. Start practicing yoga -August 2016
  14. Do the splits (finally!)
  15. Learn to headstand
  16. Complete a 30 day squat challenge
  17. Eat breakfast every day for one month -Finished September 2016
  18. Eat lunch every day for one month
  19. Don't drink tea of coffee for one month
  20. Don't hit snooze for one week straight
  21. Get my kung fu blue sash -December 2016! I am so happy about this!
  22. Give blood -June 2016 (I'm finally big enough now!)
  23. Finish skull cross stitch -Feb 2017 (post)
  24. Finish wolfy cross stitch
  25. New rude cross stitch
  26. New big project cross stitch (like Alice)
  27. Make three sizes of crochet Cthulhus
  28. Crochet a whole blanket
  29. Embroider a cushion
  30. Make a card for every friend's birthday
  31. Read lots of books -hard to quantify, but I'm keeping track! (post and reading list)
  32. Research all about snakes -Completed May 2016
  33. Get a pet snake -Completed June 2016 (4 snakes- July 2016. Oops!) (postpost, and post)
  34. Breed lil' baby snakes
  35. Make a big resin snake hide
  36. Go fossil hunting -September 2016 (post)
  37. Go swimming in the sea
  38. Go camping
  39. Dye some of my hair -it's been purple, it's been blue, it's been green
  40. Watch a meteor shower -August 2016 (post)
  41. Grow some herbs and keep them alive
  42. Grow something edible that isn't herbs -Tomatoes 2016
  43. Move out with just my boyfriend
  44. Learn some origami off by heart
  45. Don't wear makeup for one week
  46. Learn 5 star constellations -The Plough, Ursa Minor, Orion, Cassiopeia, Perseus
  47. Go crabbing
  48. Paint an ornament
  49. Make bath bombs
  50. Play Skyrim to the end
  51. Play Fallout 4 to the end -Ending one Nov 2016
  52. Watch 26 films of the alphabet
  53. Draw 25 things
  54. Watercolour 5 things
  55. Finish a Code-academy course
  56. Put up photos of friends and family
  57. Sell car
  58. Make cereal bars
  59. Go to an airshow
  60. Go to an aquarium -Bournemouth Aquarium, October 2016
  61. Go to a zoo -Marwell Zoo, March 2016
  62. Find a pen friend and write regular letters
  63. Bind a book -September 2016 (post)
  64. Make my own cross stitch pattern -Skull
  65. Play Alien: Isolation to the end (part of my goal to stop being a scaredy cat)
  66. Get my ears pierced -November 2016 (post)
Painting, snaking, and cushioning.

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